Przemyslaw Seneczko

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Welcome to my personal web page! I am professional software developer based in Warsaw, Poland. I hold both Bachelor's of Science and Master's of Science degrees in Computer Science (Institute of Computer Science), from Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology. I am also member of Microsoft Certified Professional program currently certified in the following areas:

  • 70-536 — Microsoft .NET Framework - Application Development Foundation,
  • 70-511 (Technology Specialist) — Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.

My primary technical interests include:

  • object oriented programming in C#, ISO C++, JavaScript, Python languages:
    1. development of desktop applications,
    2. development of web applications based on Microsoft technology stack,
    3. system programming
  • operating systems — internals, administration, programming interface.

To some extent, I am also interested in:

  • application, operating system and network security,
  • techniques of parallel programming and data access synchronization mechanisms,
  • kernel mode programming (only Linux kernel so far),
  • software engineering, perceived as systematization of software design and programming principles, rather than developement methodologies along with management practices,
  • methods of reverse-engineering of software,
  • digital electronics, as well as computer architecture.

My "non-technical" fields of interest include:

  • being well informed about current affairs in my country and around the world (I'm an enthusiast of Feedly),
  • reading — journalism, blogosphere, fiction and literature of manners (disregarding ones, that are weakly related to the real life),
  • travelling, sightseeing, visiting new places,
  • English language,
  • economics,
  • lifehacking and methods of personal development,
  • sports — I especially try to practice on regular basis: running, cycling, swimming,
  • philosophy of minimalism.

Contact via email address:

  • contact (at this site's domain)

Directly from this site, you can visit:

  • my technical blog (English),
  • web site of my project Simple File Annotator — which is an application, that allows you to easily assign text annotations to any file.